Kids In The Dark

Kids In The Dark

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honestlyrosed By honestlyrosed Updated Feb 04, 2018

Annalise Shields and Daniel Sullivan are two of the same people. Detached from themselves, they live by mocking everybody else. They both carry a snarky opinions, antagonising natures and irritated attitudes
Annalise wants school to be over, so she can pursue her dreams as an aspiring artist. Daniel wants to get away from all the people, so he can become an expressive musician. 

Unlike Annalise, Daniel keeps his talents hidden. 
But unlike Daniel, Annalise keeps everything, but her talent, hidden. 

Soon their similar paths meet, with the help of some of the most supportive friends.


His dark eyes zone in on me, an unreadable emotion glosses over them. And, for some reason I hold my breath. I neglect the countless on-goers we have above us, tracking our moves. He smiles, a grin full of mischief, one that suggest something spontaneous about him. It's alluring, like I can only see him against the eye-catching things surrounding him.

He stands devilishly, which is remarkable considering everything we just did.  

"Annalise," He murmurs slowly. Making the three syllables sound so very husky, it'd be impossible to resist. 

Hold on, resist what?

He's up in my face. His head angled down to reach mine, I'm immobilised by his charm. It's like he had me in an irresistible trance. With his voice, eyes and then mouth. His, somehow hot, lips catch mine as I open my mouth to squeak.

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