Our LOVE is still strong! (Book 3)

Our LOVE is still strong! (Book 3)

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Ms.CHAR'♥ By ExoticLuv Updated Feb 20, 2015

This is part 3 to the Melodi and Rashawd stories!!! If you have not read "Who Can Sex You Like Me?" Which is the first book and "Who Can LOVE You Like Me?" which is the second book you MUST!!! Read those first.!!!!! 

  Melodi and Rashawd is back at it for the third time. Being married for seven years and engaged for four. Melodi and Rashawd 11 year journey has been pretty smooth. But raising a teenage daughter and two bad ass twins could Rashawd and Melodi keep they love going strong or will stress and a lack of attention  cause them to step outside their  marriage? What happens when Melodi's past come back to hunt her? Will they survive it or will that be the extra push that sends their "perfect" marriage over the edge?......

**Warning this book contains explicit language and sexual detailed activities!!!**** X-Rated

lourdesherbert lourdesherbert Nov 12, 2017
I was 10 when i first started my period i thought i was dying
LaKiaSpencer LaKiaSpencer Jun 30, 2017
i didn't tell my mama either i would just steal her pads & when she ran out & she wasn't even on it she found out
LadyBandoTheGoddess LadyBandoTheGoddess Nov 17, 2017
Lmaoo they finna cry bad if she whoop them as soon as they step out the bath tub😂😂😂
sekeboo sekeboo Jan 10, 2017
Yyyaaaassss I love this book soooooo much
                              I hope there will be a part 5 to this
Triplem03 Triplem03 Jun 08, 2016
Yeah she mad disrespectful! I'm glad Mel put ass in her place!
NishaQuinn2 NishaQuinn2 May 10, 2016
Damn y'all don't know wat birth-control and condoms are😂😂😂🙅🏽💯