Gotta Love Being In Debt

Gotta Love Being In Debt

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Bad Bitch Kay By flowerhearts714 Updated Nov 02

"Are you fucking stupid do you not know who the fuck The Grim Reaper is?" I asked my little sister in all seriousness.

"No please enlighten me?" she said with a bored expression on her face.

"Are you serious? I really hope that money was worth our lives because he-" I got cut off by the sound of tires screeching to an halt. My face looked scared as shit  as looked at my sister fear stickened face also.

"Look at what the hell you did. Where is his money?" 

"I dont have it."

"The fuck you mean you dont have it."

"I spent it on clothes and the car outside I have maybe a thousand or two left." she said looking scared as shit.

"You spent a quarter of a million dollars in half a fucking day?"

"Yes there nothing left." she sobbed scared out her mind just like me.

"Then theres really no reason to keep y'all alive now is there."

miyarena_ miyarena_ Sep 26
Finish the book please I'm new to this app and I would like if you finish it
bijoux888 bijoux888 Nov 09
He got attached after the first hit n wanna act like he aint affected
lala36 lala36 Apr 16, 2015
That's like the scene in Harlem Nights with the cop and Eddie Murphy
layluhh layluhh Jan 29, 2015
If my sibling did this to me, I wouldn't go down with her, i would stay out of it, and find a way to earn enough money to pay it back. They did not think this through
FaithDysard FaithDysard Jan 29, 2015
kimmy has no remorse.  that would have been grounds for getting her butt kicked
Keisha4242 Keisha4242 Jan 29, 2015
Thanks for the update. I feel bad for them kimmy  got them in a world of trouble