A Night In Insomnia// Final Fantasy XV

A Night In Insomnia// Final Fantasy XV

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MaskedWithWords By MaskedWithWords Updated Sep 21, 2018

After Prompto turned to Noctis after a sleepless night, the boys embark on an adventure around the city of Insomnia. The teenage school boys had little knowledge about their future's destiny, but throughout the night Noctis learns more and more about his Best friend, Prompto. Will the weight burdening his shoulders finally be lifted after spilling the beans to Noctis? 

Follow the peaceful and warming tale of their friendship ( and a budding romance! ) as they explore the different parts of Insomnia Prompto is yet to see. Learn about the best places to eat in The Kingdom and the best landmarks to look at.But also to learn the true reason why Prompto has been Holding something back the whole night.

Disclaimer: This Fanfiction will explore 'Promptis'  ( Noctis X Prompto )  so if you don't like that ship or gay relationships then this story may not be for you. I have other FFXV Stories that do not include this nature so feel free to check those out instead.

Both Prompto and Noctis are over 18 years of age in this story.