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Playing DressUp (on hiatus)

Playing DressUp (on hiatus)

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Maddie Green By CoOlHearT Updated Oct 16, 2012

When she was young, Eli Taylor promised herself to hide her beauty, and not have friends so she won't have any distractions about her schoolwork. To do so, she dressed up as a person totally different from the way she really looks to alienate her from other people. But, Jayson Powers, the lead singer of the famous band RockSolid, can't just seem to get the message. What's a girl like Eli to do, but resist the irresistible.

krazybit krazybit Jun 24, 2012
Oh and getting a new cover would be totally great! People are gonna flock to your story. Trust me! (°ℇ °) I speak the truth, grasshopper ¦3
- - May 27, 2012
Good job. You're missing just a few in a couple of sentences but nothing bad :) I like her too, she's smart and stuff and that's important. Good job and vote for you!
mystique_magic_myths mystique_magic_myths May 27, 2012
Hey! I was hooked after reading the summary! Plus, I like the book cover :) I love your description and your humorous style of writing ;D I love it when you use slang :) Haha XD great job!
_arin_ _arin_ May 27, 2012
WOWWWWWW.....this is AWESOME!!!!
                              I like it...
                              haha, idk i kept imagining she's like the girl from the cover...maybe because i saw the cover before i read the story? okay whatever...thank god you pick a nice cover! xD
thesmerf thesmerf Apr 14, 2012
I think this was awesome and the plotline was really interesting.  The only thing that i didn't really like was that you put 3 question marks in one speech.  It kinda freaked me but That don't matter. you write amazinglyy! <3