Dreigiau Book 1: The Gift of Flame

Dreigiau Book 1: The Gift of Flame

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Aywren By Aywren Updated Aug 17, 2018


She doesn't believe the Dreigiau exists. He's about to prove her epically wrong. 

To protect the one she loves, AsaHi sets out to find the truth behind Nefol's Dragon Patron, Zemi Dreigiau. Only, things don't go as planned when she opens a gateway between her world and the Arweinydd realms. This wouldn't be a problem if all Arweinydd were as benevolent as Zemi. But they're not.


This is a complete, 4-book young adult fantasy story that I wrote over the course of many years of NaNoWriMo (2002-2009). It's been edited several times over, and I do have it up in e-book format. It's one of my older stories, though, so don't laugh at it too much! ;)

Your thoughts and feedback are appreciated! I hope you enjoy!

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lizPop8 lizPop8 Jun 15, 2018
Wow!! Gorgeous details and world-building! Zentos is such a caring brother! Awesome beginning! =D
AimeeShaye AimeeShaye Feb 10, 2018
This chapter was just as promising as the last. You are a talented writer and your description makes this page-turning. I like how you set the pace for the book and I like where the book is going. I like how you're already developing your character early on! Off to the next chapter I go!
AimeeShaye AimeeShaye Feb 05, 2018
I am glad that I clicked on your page after you followed me. Your description is amazing! I love the imagery you use and how one image rolls over the other. Just wow! 
                              I am definitely hooked and will continue to read religiously!
Aywren Aywren Dec 22, 2017
It's a major theme of magic in my worlds. Glad it jumped out at you!
Critic-Ham Critic-Ham Oct 16, 2018
Heh, maybe you ate shrooms and now pink dragons are going to dance and sing.
Critic-Ham Critic-Ham Oct 15, 2018
A well-done intro with excellent, visual details! The story did lean a little too much on the world-building for me, but from the looks of it, there's going to be a lot that'll play into the story later on. 
                              This is Critic Ham, signing off!