Saving the King of the Underworld | Book 2

Saving the King of the Underworld | Book 2

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Emylin never thought she was special - she was perfectly happy living out her days finishing college and building her career. It was her best friend Damien that was destined for greatness as the King of the Underworld. She never imagined that she would be thrust into his world. She never thought she would be involved in a coup put together by Damien's uncle, Robyn, a bloodthirsty disgraced King out for revenge.

Now that Robyn's dead, everyone tries to move on with their lives until Emmy realizes that his uncle isn't dead at all - he has possessed Damien - and he's planning on using Emmy as a weapon to have all of the faerie kingdoms fall to their knees before him. 

Only Emmy and two others know the truth - and they're the only ones that can stop all out war from starting between the faerie kingdoms. 

With time running out, Emmy is forced to trust a complete stranger, Julian, whose intentions she still doesn't understand. He'll train her in how to use her magic to stop Robyn, come to grips with her newfound immortality and her own heart. 

With everything on the line, Emmy is now the only one that can Save the King of the Underworld. 

The Underworld Series #2
Please note that this story will be a little darker and slightly more mature than the first. 

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Cover by @_luvlee_

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What do you mean "massive rewrite"??? How much is going to change? Just this book or the last book too? Don't do this to me! I like it the way it is!
You couldn't be more wrong. You ARE a professional, the first book was amazing. I can't wait to read this one. *first EVER comment on this app
ereoshearts ereoshearts May 02
I almost die and begged my mom to open the WiFi just to see this sequel! OMG!
Wait, so the previous pages are being re-written? That's fine hun, I'm fine waiting for a great book. It's worth it ya'all. ❤
WinnyGlory WinnyGlory Mar 08
No wonder I was wondering what happened, coz I had read to chapter 24.. Nway it's worth the wait
IICoolCatII IICoolCatII Mar 17
I'm voting before I even read. I know this will be hella good