The Prince(Sebaciel Au)

The Prince(Sebaciel Au)

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MadnessOfAHeart By MadnessOfAHeart Updated Sep 12, 2018

One rare male Omega,were chased by everyone in London. Trying to get their filfthy hands on him,trying to woo him,trying to capture him in their grasp.

But the Omega would snarl at them and worse,he eliminate all the useless alphas that tried to bed him in everyway possible. He hated them with burning passion. 

However,one certain Alpha,manage to capture his attention even just a bit,and the said alpha are not planning to give up on the beautiful Prince. He can see the omega,surrounded with dark beauty and grace,a true beauty to the eye of the beholder,yet a monster so cruel like him.

He,the alpha however,is not like what other think he is. A normal alpha with normal life,no he was something more. And he will get the young omega if it even mean he has to kill just to get his prize.