Boundless Love (A Limitless Love Series.): (Christian Romance)

Boundless Love (A Limitless Love Series.): (Christian Romance)

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June Agnes Murage By junewamboi Completed

Ryan a glorified doctor and his parents ticket to infinite wealth and royal power, has  a different perspective on life.

He is betrothed to an heir apparent, Princess Diamonique of the exotic kingdom; Garviland. His rogue self takes over on the day of their wedding and he disowns it all to follow his passion, Doctors Without Boarders. (Practicing medicine, in different places in the world, with dire medical need.)

This journey takes him to a poverty stricken part of the world. New experience, new people, new world. 

Love, the elusive emotion, presents itself in unexpected measures. This egotistical doctor, must now turn to the God of his beloved, if he wishes to ever have her back.

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