Never been FOUND

Never been FOUND

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I stopped blind walking when the cold breeze hit my skin stroking the hair off my face. I looked around and realized that we were in terrace. 

He pulled me to the edge of the terrace. I stopped to look at the beautiful sight in front of me. The city lights looked really alluring with the night sky. A perfect contrast of life and death. 

I heard a thud sound and looked at him siting on the edge of the terrace with both legs hanging in the air. He patted the place next to him indicating me to take the seat. I hesitated, it was risky sitting on the edge. I have never done that.

He raised his chin to look at me. "Trust me," He said and I found myself sitting beside him already. I hung my legs freely, it took me a moment to settle and when I did I gave a big smile. It felt good. 

Not everything about Gianna Vertes is normal. She gets bullied, has the most psychotic roommate, finds a group of dorks to be in and falls in love with the most handsome and mysterious guy. Strangely the guy loves her back and what she doesn't know is that she is caught up in a mess. 
Tragedy gushes in and mystery takes over as Gianna flips the pages of her story. But wait,  what is her story? 


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