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Dear Diary (Hetalia Fanfiction)

Dear Diary (Hetalia Fanfiction)

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Spamano By Spamano Completed

What if all the countries had lovely little diaries? Well now you get to find out! *Warning* Implied yaoi! And themes of a sexual nature!

*please try to imagine the look of "please kill me" on his face*
... You know...obviously everyone knows that Japan and Germany have diaries... If the both of them have their own, why doesn't Italy have one...?
"Who isn't even a freaking country anymore" -Prussia fangirls triggered-
xXDeadly_ROSEXx xXDeadly_ROSEXx Dec 25, 2016
So he baisically walked up to Canada and was like
                              France: NOW THE POPSICLE GOES INTO THE DOUGHNUT--
                              Canada:...p-please...stop t-this madness...*dies*
wilford_and_prussia wilford_and_prussia Dec 03, 2016
I don't want to her I've tortured with my kins tradition I'm supposed to marry my brother....))
                              Real me:*curls up into a ball and says* goodbye childhood...
I asked my friend about the birds and the bees, and she said, "a french fry can go into a french fry if they try hard enough." I'm still scarred for life.