Freedom ||Avatar: The Last Airbender - ZukAang||

Freedom ||Avatar: The Last Airbender - ZukAang||

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Lee-san/Shiro-chan By Rocklee_Toshiro1993 Updated Nov 01, 2018

Aang and Zuko are working hard together to bring peace and love back to all nations after the 100 year war. Though they both have girlfriends of their own Katara and Mei, but the two boys find themselves growing ever closer to each other. When just the two of them have to go to the Earth Kingdom for a meeting with King Kuei, Aang decides to take Zuko on a quick visit to the place of his birth, the Southern Air Temple.

It's there Aang tells Zuko that one day, he wishes to see the temple once again filled with laughter and life like it was 100 years ago. That the Air Nation, the element of freedom would once again be brought back to the world. Zuko sees the pain in Aang'a face of being the Airbender left. It's then that Zuko decides to skip the meeting with Kuei, but instead spend more time with his friend.


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