Chance inheritor series: one big leap

Chance inheritor series: one big leap

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If  I don't care. 

They wouldn't care.

So I tried to care. 

But then I found out, like kids, the pure hearted, are innocent in love. 

But others, not so much.

I endured losing. Even though I could win. 

I nurtured love even when hate bloomed.

One by one, I lost the value that made me, me.

And those values that were me, left me a broken man.

In the end, one thing could bring me to my knees

The torch which burn the brightest when all has turned to ash

This star who is my world.

Musa and Ayeeshah had seen a lot in this world. But would it ever compare to the allegations from the lips of those they held most dear? Would she stand tall while everything comes crashing down? How far will she go for  love? For pride? And how much would he endure losing? There is got to be a line. When the strings are drawn long enough, they reach their elastic limit and then, they snap!

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