Dawns Break *Slow Updates*

Dawns Break *Slow Updates*

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Nicole Mac By SpratleyMac Updated Jul 08

"Go, while you still have a home to go back to."

"My home is with you."

SEQUEL TO: Shadows Peak (You'll need to read that first to understand this one. Spoilers ahead!)

Sydney Donovan
An 18 year old survivor.
From Galdon, Eastern Region.
Abducted by a relative she didn't know she had, Sydney must find a way to escape the mercenaries camp. But, the longer she's there, the more secrets she uncovers about her past. 

Casey Graham
A 20 year old hunter.
From LeHorn, Western Region.
Determined to free the captives taken by the mercenaries, while also getting back to Sydney, Casey has to lead his people through the Eastern Region.

Jasper Pierce
An 18 year old rogue cadet.
From Galdon, Eastern Region.
Forced to work with Casey, if he wants to see Sydney again, Jasper embarks on a journey further east, where he learns just how far he's willing to go for the people he loves.

Neither of them were expecting what erupted while they were gone. None were prepared for the war they'd unwittingly started.

When bloodlines blur and loyalties are strained, who will come out on top? Who will fall? And who will survive the war?

Read "Dawns Break" to find out!

Cover made by me.

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