Dangerous Addiction (A Hooked Novel, Book I)

Dangerous Addiction (A Hooked Novel, Book I)

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Brittney By fatalkiss Completed

Seventeen-year-old Cassandra Hall is the girl in high school you'd ask for help with homework or to look at her notes if you missed a day. She is college bound. Her best friend calls her "Miss Goody Two-Shoes" because all she does is homework and read books. 

Eighteen-year-old Joseph Cummings has broken every law he can and has no regrets. He has tattoo sleeves and gives a sinister glare to anyone who comes close. That is everyone except Cassandra. 

Cassie finds Joey intriguing and sparks fly when she learns more about him. He keeps his past a secret, but she wants to know more. She keeps coming back to him as if he's a breath of fresh air. Joey likes having a "good girl" around for a change. Despite the warnings of her friends and family, Cassie grows closer to Joey. If she's not careful his criminal life will rub off on her, turning her into the cliché: a good girl gone bad.

(Newly Revised and Expanded)

The Hooked series doesn't need to be read in order.

Cover by wheadee

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What happened to not saying anything if she couldn't say anything nice?
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Why does it seem like she's always throwing little petty insults? 😐😑 I would need to tell her about herself
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