My Double Prince (Moe Kare by Ikeyamada Go)

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☜♥☞ BASAHIN MUNA ITO BAGO ANG STORY!! WAG MAKULIT!! :)) This plot/story comes from a manga entitled "Moe Kare" by Ikeyamada Go. (You can read the manga at or It is not a plagiarism because I accredit the true owner of the plot/story, I only transfer it into a novel-like form and I also adds some extra scenes to attract readers. Hope you'll like it. "May Book II na rin po ito"  ☜♥☞ . . . . . . . . ♥♥♥Vote And Comment kayo every Chapter KUNG GUSTO (walang pilitan)♥♥♥
YIEEEE! Re-reading for the 2nd time. :) Na miss ko sila. Sobra!!
ANOH BYAN???     pwedy ba yan???
                                     hehehehhehhh.... llhub u author
Ahmmm Authorr I Think pasado to sa taste ko ahahah "Ehh Lub uu" 
                                    I Like This1!!!
nabasa ko na to sa cp ko kala ko si chad na un pala c drake omg i love you drake
Moe Kare really toyed with my feelings... ;__; Loved the manga. ♡♡
                                    Ang ganda talaga!!!!!
                                    Idol narin po kita!!!!!!!!
                                    I really love this story... UUUUWWWAAHHHHH
                                    Sana mapublish <3 <3
                                    PS: DI po ako OA sadyang maganda XDD