Sonic boys x Reader(discontinue)

Sonic boys x Reader(discontinue)

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Septiplier fan By Fabulous_Fazbear Updated Jul 30, 2015

(For those who are reading this will you and the your lover any (Sonic boy you love or like) have sex? Umm let me think about it ok!)

As the sun raise and your wake and yawn,you look around and smile,you stand up and walk to your bathroom and take a quick bath/shower 

Your mother or father made you breakfast and you sit and wait,your parent hand you your food and you eat


your full and take a walk outside and see a green hedgehog laying on the ground,sleeping,you walk to him and poke him on his arm,he stop and open his eyes,their were sky blue eyes,he look you and you smile "why are you sleeping here?" You ask him "can a hedgehog get some sleep but your a cute babe" he smirk,you look away and blush "I'm Scourge the hedgehog and you are?" He smirk "_name here_the__animal you are" you replied "_______ cute name for a cute babe like you" Scourge say and wink,you blush deeply and smile "so your new here or what?" He ask "sorta" you say,Scourge grab your hand and kiss it like a pr...

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RoseyWolves RoseyWolves Jun 28, 2017
Ruby The White Rabbit (ik Ruby isn't a very good name for a white rabbit but she has ruby red eyes, she's not blind don't worry. Also she's one of my many oc's soooo yeh  ●w●   >~<
samyshan samyshan Aug 29, 2017
well I'm just gonna say mi OC's name cuz I want to 
                              Whisper the Panther
ScaredSilver422 ScaredSilver422 Aug 18, 2016
Crimson Blood the half robot demon wolf 
                              thats alot for a name heh idc
moonfirelakewood moonfirelakewood Nov 27, 2016
where is a tails x reader one?
                              if you don't mind me asking...
undertale_fangirl180 undertale_fangirl180 Oct 26, 2016
Can you please make a Mephiles X reader mephyfan180 really would love that
                              me when he kisses my hand: get the hell away scourge 
                              scourge: oh come babe~
                              me: that's it! *flips the table and throws him out a window and the table to*
                              XD was wrong with me?