Burn and America (Avengers/Captain America Fan Fic)

Burn and America (Avengers/Captain America Fan Fic)

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The Seventh Avenger By Musicfanatic53 Completed

The Avengers are needed once more to save the world from the seasoned war criminal, Loki Laufeyson. 
But Loki has come prepared this time. He recruits two seemingly random people to help lead his army, and the Avengers are forced to hire a new recruit.

The new recruit, Freya Taschereau, is kind and gentle, but extremely powerful and dangerous when angered. 

I don't own any of the characters except for Freya and a few others in the book. 
Copyright to Musicfanatic53. No part of this document may be copied, reproduced, or sold without the author's content.
Book 1 in a (hopefully!) long line of books. I like to keep the story and characters alive. Its just who I am. :) Enjoy!!

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PercysSiblingLilith PercysSiblingLilith Jul 29, 2016
The first thing I thought was 'The fortress of solitude'.....then I face palmed
*Zooms in on face while saying this* *screen goes black and Avengers music starts with credits rolling*
Well...I should know this since I'm going into ROTC next year for high school.....but I dont...I'm stupid
Sir_Bob_Watson Sir_Bob_Watson Jan 02, 2016
Oh no his grandma is coming HIDE SHE'S GOING TO BARY YOU IN KISSES
MackleNope MackleNope Jun 29, 2015
Parade rest is having your arms tense behind your back at an angle. At ease is your arms reflex behind your back
hqppypie hqppypie May 02, 2015
I just watched the new avengers and reading this makes me so happy inside!