Restricted Chapters ( Teen Wolf )

Restricted Chapters ( Teen Wolf )

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CuteHelloGoodbye By CuteHelloGoodbye Updated Dec 03, 2012

Hey guys! This is where the restricted chapters are going to be posted. This is rated R so please be warned and do not read if you are offended by that type of matterial. 

If you want a chapter that you think I should rewrite for this story than please let me know. Private mesage me please! :) 


I do not own the characters of TV show teen wolf such as Scott, Derek, Allison, Stiles, and so on. I do not own the show teen wolf. I do not own the ideas of the TV show Teen Wolf. (Though I wish I could be such an amazing writer as the writer of Teen Wolf!!!) I do own my characters such as Emily and her friend Stephanie because I created the two girls.


sweetgirl106 sweetgirl106 Mar 28, 2016
I would love to make love to a werewolf if this is what it's like😂😏😂😏😂
Mo_McCall_11 Mo_McCall_11 Jan 19, 2016
hehehe I giggled like a school girl throughout the whole chapter.
FeelingsAreChosen FeelingsAreChosen Dec 06, 2015
Omg why are there no comments on this hot ass picture. I swear I just died.
- - Aug 03, 2014
O///O...well. .. that was hot. me likes and approves ^^ good job author!
fireplaces fireplaces Aug 01, 2014
^shes not a doctor making a diagnosis. it doesn't matter; everyone got the point.
lovingstiles_forever lovingstiles_forever Mar 06, 2014
this should be more than restricted lol amazing your such a could writer