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The Freestyle of Pollard Wharly

The Freestyle of Pollard Wharly

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Pollard Wharly By PollardWharly Updated Feb 08, 2013

The Freestyle of Pollard Wharly

They crammed micro-cameras into the toilets. The parole board was always watching. I checked out a book from Godfrey, the librarian. It had a message written on the dedications. It said:


Sometimes books are not books. Sometimes books are other things, but not always, but sometimes book are books. But sometimes they're not. Sometimes books are people to talk too, and sometimes books are the End Of The Universe. Sometimes books are toilet paper. But that's only when the toilet paper runs out. It usually doesn't run out. This book had more pictures than words, so this book was like a movie if I flipped the pages fast enough, but even when I did the pictures didn't match up. If I flipped it slow, I started reading the words, and when I read the words, I realized they were not the Bible's words, and then I bit my arm because I read the bad words.

The parole board was always watching. Sometimes I'd stare at the wall until they sent one of the ...

hgames113 hgames113 Feb 08, 2013
t-rex is such a cool name haha. nick name, wutevs
                              the skin thing at the end thou... o_O
SabrinaBrandon SabrinaBrandon Feb 08, 2013
Very interesting writing style.  You do "crazy" extremely well. Still not quite sure where this story is headed, but I'm interested enough to keep reading.
slantingwillow slantingwillow Feb 08, 2013
WOAH! That ending certainly gathers the attention. His skin fell off? Do what now? How interesting! I like how you've written it. Your character intrigue me. He seems to be mostly sane, but not quite. I like it! Keep it up! :)
deleted25091996 deleted25091996 May 13, 2012
@Goldbear102 It's SUPPOSED to have little detail, egg. That's just how it rolls; it's a unique style of writing, kind of like how a crazy person would sound.
deleted25091996 deleted25091996 May 13, 2012
Wooooooooooooooah this is amazing!
                              I have no words.
                              No words!
CLSCrow CLSCrow May 13, 2012
HAHAAHAHHAHHHHAHA!!!!!!!! THIS WAS HILARIOUS!!!!!! I'm not sure if it was supposed to be but it made me laug.....a lot. I like it a lot!! VOTED DEFINITELY!! XDDD