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"I'll find a way to save my brother. Do whatever the hell you want. I'm stealing your guns."

Famine is a man determined to save his three brothers after they are tragically separated. His monastery home destroyed. Kidnapped to a foreign city called Apocalypse. 

He will gun down malignant redback spiders, withstand a mind-sucking demon, survive a maximum security prison facility and fight a diabolical plot that is hell-bent on bringing radical change to his world called Sol.  Do anything to reunite his family.

Lurking in the shadows is a fatalistic ego called the Black Rider.
The Seriphyn Knight Chronicles. It begins.

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Change Log-- 02.11: Updated all posts to remove some of my laziness with I'd, could've and would've.  Writing them in full where they should be.  In short, these are only used in dialogue.
Thank you! Kind of speechless at the moment. Not used to seeing comments. I'll fix this.
Great first chapter! Very intriguing and made me want to read more. I like what you did with the dialogue and it wasn’t boring in the slightest. Very good start! Xx
Nice job! It definitely is intriguing and makes me wonder what is happening! Great prologue.