Yandere Black Survival: Jackie x Male Reader

Yandere Black Survival: Jackie x Male Reader

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BeautifulNarci By BeautifulNarci Updated Dec 20, 2018

Rated K for Kinda Edgy

Black Survival, if you don't know, is a Battle Royale style game. 
10 people are all placed on an island, with multiple zones (Forest, Abandoned School, Church, Lighthouse, etc.) and the task is simply to survive. But... Only one may live. 
(Though I'll be making it, like, 20 people... Cause why not? :p) 

Using whatever they can find, they must make themselves weapons/armour and fight to the death... Or wait it out and try to survive. 

Some zones are more dangerous than others... Some have hazards placed there from the beginning... Others have traps, built by other survivors... 

(Y/n) (L/n) has been chosen as one of the 20 survivors... The lowest ranked one, of course, expected to be amongst the first to die... But, is he truly so weak? Will he perish? Or... Will he be saved, not precisely by himself, but by another, stronger survivor, who has taken a sickly interest in him...?

Prepare for one hell of a murdery love story.

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