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Gravity Falls High

Gravity Falls High

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¯\_(ツ)_/¯ By toodrunktofunction Completed

It had been three years since we last stepped foot in Gravity Falls. I don't know why but our parents never took us back. I missed everyone back there. Especially Wendy. I had always dreamed of going back...but...not like this. Our parents started fighting, and one thing led to another, and they decided to get divorced. So now Mabel and I, until they figure out who stays with who, are going back to stay with our Grunkle Stan. But this time it's not just for a summer. We're going to attend Gravity Falls High. 

Gravity Falls High is just like everything else in Gravity Falls. Normal until someone finds it's secret. And this place happens to have one deadly secret.

**cover by @ScratchNSniffSweater isn't it awesome?**

Me: Yo Dip
                              Dipper: What
                              Me: Go
                              Dipper: Where?!
                              Me: Go stand in the corner of the room and think about all all the things you have done WRONG GURRRL
                              Dipper: I'm not a-
                              Me: Just do it imma try and be sassy with you
Who's the dIpper who wanted to be FOrd's Apprentice?
                              Who's the Dipper who found Quentin Trembley?
                              Who's the Dipper who called him Mabel's 'Mystery Twin'?
                              Who's the Dipper that researched the Journals?
                              Who's the Dipper that IS DIPPER
Nuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!! Sir Dippingsauce NEEEDSS da book. I wanna slap you so bad to get that Dippifresh syndrome out of you!!! *just frickity freaks out*
Yas We fixed Mabel! With the power of comments!!! Now all we need are sweaters and headbands.
                              DIPPER COME BACK
                              DIPPER NO
                              YOU WANTED TO BECOME FORD'S APPRENTICE!
                              HE SOLVES MYSTERIES
                              YOU SOLVE MYSTERIES
                              EVERYONE SOLVES MYSTERIES
                              I SOLVE MYSTERIES NOW THANKS TO DIPPER PINES
                              SO GET BAKC HERE BOY AND READ ITTTT
Pitt Soda is back in stock in Gravity Falls! Pitt Pitt Soda!