When Harry disappears out of the blue, where does that leave Louis? No one would tell him anything, but after cornering Anne in the local Tesco's, the Doncaster lad decides not to give up. And the only thing he can really do is write letters: Letters to Harry.
    To everyone that read Letters to Harry on WattPad before 15/5... I'm so sorry, but I didn't realize that the prologue had been moved down to the bottom. I don't get email updates because I turned them off.. but I have fixed the problem.
    The Prologue is now at the beginning, and is not a flash back ;D
    Super sorry for all of the confusion!
now I'm searching every lonely place evry corner calling out UR name
OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING!!!!! Lije I'm confused, curious, heartbroken, anxious, worried, excited, intruged and tod knows what else by this book!!!!!!
i got so paranoid i had to go watch the most recent 1D videos just to make sure Harry's still there
I'm sorry but, if you wouldn't mind giving a shout out to CherMyLove's fanfic "Cradle Me Goodnight, could you? It's new and would mean a lot (: thnx love xxx
I was effing crying. Way to induce my horrible feels omfg - utterly beautiful, but I don't think I can go through such an intense emotional roller coaster like this EVER AGAIN. kzxxkszccjc
@ficachi Thats what I'm wondering.... but the author prob didnt tell us cuz otherwise there'd be no point to the story.... ;)