I need this... I need YOU! (lapidot Human AU) *On HIATUS*

I need this... I need YOU! (lapidot Human AU) *On HIATUS*

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Peridot Greene is a young agent at the very secretive agency (not ORIGANAL I know.) who has just been assigned her first case.

Lapis lazulis is a failing reporter and story WRITER who can't seem to catch a break.

But when Steven, their friend, brings them together as a favour, to get lapis a story that will start her career, life gets a  little messy.

(Peri and Laz are both girls, so GAY.)

also, any art I post in it doesn't belong to me, and I'll try to mention the artist.

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  • fluff
  • gay
  • lapidot
  • lesbian
  • nsfw
  • violence
When I saw the Lapis pic in the red flannel. It instantly reminded me of Marceline The Vampire Queen.
Haha. Actually, one's intestines are usually not described as "pretty" and intestines are actually not "little". If stretched to their full length it would almost come to the length of a double decker bus.
                              But, A for effort, Mr bad guy.