Unexpected || Luke Hemmings

Unexpected || Luke Hemmings

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I’m Caroline Evans, originally from London and I’m seventeen. My family transferred here to Sydney, not because of my dad’s work or whatever common reason, we just wanted to. I mean, it was mostly my mom’s idea since she likes starting new and, obviously, London is fairly different from Sydney.  My dad just agreed with it and my brother, Liam, and I couldn't really do anything about it anymore.

Going to school is a normal routine for me. I have a pretty normal life with an average family and I couldn't say I'm not happy with what I have because I am.

I thought since that night my mom told me that we were transferring to Sydney, everything would  just be like how it used to be in London, but I was wrong. I met this group of four boys who thought they are the kings of the school. All I want to do is to stay as far away from them as I could, but could I really manage to stay away from them, especially from Luke Hemmings, whom I believe is the worst thing for me?

Well, things happen when you least expect it.

When I saw the name 'Sam' I instantly thought of Supernatural. Anyone else?
Caroline dont you see that i want you to be my bad thang shiz fine asl thick asf omg thats my baby sorry gotta xayn
itsjanehood itsjanehood Oct 05
I hate school too. My parents want me to socialize but I'm to awkward
                              Not for you not for anyone 
                              If I don't want to go I don't go and that's it end of the discussion
All i can think when i read Caroline is Coraline so thats how I've been reading it the whole time.
Luke boutta make me beat his ass badass Luke is attractive tho