Night Walkers [Editing]

Night Walkers [Editing]

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KidrauhlsNinjas By KidrauhlsNinjas Completed


Justin Bieber was in the middle of a concert when he saw something horrific happening to his beliebers. 

Jason McCann was in the middle of a robbery, when that one robbery changes everything for him.

When their worlds collide will they kill one another or stick together? Will they only cause each other more grief or will they fall in love? Can love overcome everything?

Is this dread and trauma ever going to end or will they have to live like this? 

Will these boys continue to live in trepidation or will they find tranquillity? 

So many questions left unanswered, or will they be?

Copyright © 2014 Kidrauhlsninjas

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Omg that trailer tho If you don't mind can you make a trailer for my new book. If not that is totally fine but omg I love that trailer it got me hanging off my seat literally
I played the song never say never in my head while reading this
I can't be the only one that thought of fuXk the police there 👌🏻😂
Lia_Cancer Lia_Cancer Jul 17
Oh god I'm a lonely duck and REALLY late at reading.
                              This is my first time reading BUT I read the amazing book Convict and was in love. Credits to the author @KidrauhlsNinjas
Nea_97 Nea_97 Jun 11
Rr I'll probably read this as much as I read convict because I are just so amazing at writing 👏🏼😍
bieberscono bieberscono Jun 28
if this is justin bieber loving jason mccann aka--HIMSELF! then i hate you,you are an amazing writer but WTF is wring with you,you ruined jason mccann for me...forever.... ughh im so confused as to why you would want a love story between himself ughhh!!!