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Service to the Dead

Service to the Dead

770 Reads 17 Votes 2 Part Story
Sarah By RedRidingInTheHood Updated Mar 06, 2011

"Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder"
Truer words have never been said when it regards to Becky Sharpe, a seventeen year old outcast who is constantly looked down on and ridiculed by her family and classmates. Then Ethan Dawson steps into her life and her world is transformed. At first glance he appears that he and Becky are quite in similar; with their different exterior and aura that seems to have people scrambling away from them. But there's something that seperates her and him that is stronger then death. Upon meeting Ethan again outside of school she finds out secrets that she never knew about him before. First, he's a model. And, oh, he's a vampire? Now she's placed as his manager after an accident and must help him whether it threatens kills her or not...

RedRidingInTheHood RedRidingInTheHood Mar 06, 2011
@lindylovee Awe, thank u so much <3 I'll read ur story as soon as I can, okies?? :) <3
RedRidingInTheHood RedRidingInTheHood Mar 06, 2011
@Cmacke121 Thank u so much for reading <3 and thats a real compliment because stephenie meyer is whom got me to start reading and writing :)
purplegirl14 purplegirl14 Mar 05, 2011
Nice work. Lots of good details. Just look at the last sentence. It kinda cuts off.
RedRidingInTheHood RedRidingInTheHood Mar 03, 2011
@CorNicFer666 And I'm feel Auh-maz-ing thanks to that comment ;) <3 thank u <3
CorNic CorNic Mar 03, 2011
Wowwwwwwwww, auh-maz-ing. I drew that word out for a reason :)
Songless Songless Mar 02, 2011
Haha, this girl sounds a lot like me! Love it! :) 
                              Keep it up!