Sweepings of the Street

Sweepings of the Street

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"I resolve to do everything I can to help my family."

This is the promise that twelve-year-old Sarah Lee makes. In the spring of 1816, Sarah's family is uprooted from their home in the English countryside and thrown into a workhouse in newly industrial London. Six months later, a factory injury leaves Sarah's father out of work and her family desperate for money. Against the wishes of her older brother Thomas, Sarah disguises herself and enters a dangerous new job. 

Sarah soon learns that life in London is not as simple-or as easy-as it seems. She meets Jamie, a sullen, aggressive boy who helps her to adjust to the new conditions. But Jamie has dark secrets of his own, and his reluctance to trust people clashes with Sarah's desire to know his history. As the city creeps towards winter, Sarah descends into a spiral of lies and secrets that threaten to put her in grave danger if her identity is discovered. And when tragedy strikes Sarah's family, the staggering changes in her life may be enough to break her.

"What a remarkable feat and a wonderfully complex, atmospheric, mature and heartfelt story." - an anonymous reader

TRIGGER WARNING: physical violence/abuse, suicide mentions/description, foul language. I will mark specific chapters with warnings and give summaries of those chapters on the following one. These may not be complete, so if a chapter is not marked and should be, please comment to let me know.

Written in 2017-2020 (age 14-16)