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All My Fault... (BxB)

All My Fault... (BxB)

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Tya By Ruby_Gloom Completed

“Hey faggot!” I winced at the sound of the one and only star quarter back. He wasn't wrong, I was gay, but that word was just so offensive. I hated that I came out, hated the fact more than you could ever guess. It had cost me all but three of my friends, most of my freedom and every second that had been left of my childhood. When I loudly and discourteously turned down the prettiest girl in the whole school she screamed at me “what, are you gay?!” to which I decided to truthfully reply “yeah, got a problem with that?!” At the time I felt triumphant, giddy even and shouted at the top of my lungs 'I'm gay!' it had felt so good...but it wasn't worth the price I had to pay...not a week later I went from one of the top five popular guys to having three friends, had the shit beaten out of me at least once a week and went from relatively care-free to being the man of the house, a mom when mom couldn't be there, the cook the cleaner and the surrogate father three days later after I killed my father.

I may have not been holding a smoking gun or bloody knife, but it was my fault he died all the same, even if the cops didn't see it.

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vampwolf102306 vampwolf102306 Sep 17, 2017
I have seen people say this a lot. Just because they were born on the same day but in different years doesn't mean they are twins!! I'm not trying to be mean or anything, I've just seen so many people make that mistake.
BIG_PAPA_97 BIG_PAPA_97 Jan 15
Isn't  faggot a pile of sticks, and then fag the end of a cigarette??
gigglesnkicks gigglesnkicks Apr 22, 2016
Why are they doing all these extracurricular activities that probably cost a lot when their poor mother is over there working THREE jobs? !
TransColoredAnxiety TransColoredAnxiety Sep 23, 2016
It should have been sapphire, ruby and garnet. You messed up author chan. You messed up
whoamiwhowillibe whoamiwhowillibe Apr 24, 2016
-how can a five and six year old be twins
                              -(no offense)
Secret_Ninja_Turtle Secret_Ninja_Turtle Jun 08, 2015
Hell, I know how ya feel. Except I crawl away and cower in a corner. XD