Finding What Is Lost

Finding What Is Lost

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Avril By avrilkk Updated Jan 18, 2018

Sang Sorenson meets the blackbourne boys and falls in love but after they leave Ashly Waters high school everything changes there love grows but Valto have other plans he wants to get Sang away from them one way or another.

 And one late night and a storm later Volto drives a sick sang and poor Luke off the road right into a ditch, later at the hospital the boys realise Sang has lost her memory but Mr Blackbourne has an idea Sang has only lost her memories from when she moved over the road from Kota so she remembers nothing of the boys.
 Mr Blackbourne tells the team it might be better to set the little bird free and so they do they let her go but this may only put her in more danger as Volto still see Sang as his prize on top of that some one else has little Sang in the sights.

 Dr Roberts has taken Sand under his wing but what happens when she finds out she is pregnant with no idea who the father of her twins are and someone is trying to kill her the Tome team happens. 

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