Little One // H.S.

Little One // H.S.

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"Just relax, I'm not going to hurt you!" He promised, stretching his hands out to me. Gasping loudly, I half-heartedly stepped back.

"Don't touch me, you're sick! You disgust me!" I seethed, swatting his hands away. My eyes darted to his pale green irises, searching for some sort of regret, but I found none.

Breathing felt foreign as my chest rose and fell at an alarming rate.

"Baby, calm down." He cooed, offering me a sly smile.  

"Calm down! You killed her! How could you do this?" I yelled, thoroughly appalled by his cool demeanor. How could he act so nonchalant?

"She had to die!" He shrugged, showing no visible sign of remorse. His lack of emotion made my chest ache.

"Why?" I cried, my small frame shaking in fear. Tears rolled down my cheeks, staining my pale face.

"She tried to keep you from me!" He explained, but nothing resonated in my ears. "Nobody is ever going to take you from me, you're mine, little one."


Loving_gold Loving_gold Oct 13
There's One Direction but four went one direction while the other went the other.
*turns into Zayn*
                              Now I shall do what I do best....
                              *blasts off into another dimension*
i would just shout smth like 'SHUT YOUR LOUD ASS I TRYING TO SLEEP' lmao
That_Weird_Chica That_Weird_Chica Oct 04, 2014
I LOVE IT its my kind of story :D is it bad that i'm fangirling right now ?
AbsoluteLegend AbsoluteLegend Aug 02, 2014
I finally just mastered that fvcking French accent! So fvcking proud right now!