Officially 21, Officially Yours (Rewriting)

Officially 21, Officially Yours (Rewriting)

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Jinee Gabriella Nguyen By JineeNguyen Updated May 07, 2012

" There are a few things I would recommend doing on your 21st birthday: 

1. Take 21 birthday shots

2. Get wasted

3. Wake up (nearly) naked next to your best guy friend. 

How awesome? Just kidding! Don't try it for yourself. Unless your best friend is a smoking hottie. And don't tell me I didn't warn you when you fall head over heels."
                                                                                                                                Melanie Fischer

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JineeNguyen JineeNguyen Jun 14, 2012
@clararourk Thank you! I'm working on this and and my first novel. Can't wait to update! It's just summer plans are getting on the way :)
clararourk clararourk Jun 07, 2012
Wow this is an amazing story! 
                              Please update! 
                              I really Want to know what happens in the date!
JineeNguyen JineeNguyen May 12, 2012
@sparksfly791 @Dreaminginbeige Thank you! Glad you guys liked it!
                              @Ashlee12_love: Thank you for your comment. And yea I realized too. It's only first draft though and I'm revising to build up the story and add more to it. :)
sparksfly791 sparksfly791 May 11, 2012
Aww...this is so sweet! If only I could have a best friend like Aaron :)
Dreaminginbeige Dreaminginbeige May 10, 2012
Great job!!! Amazing so far!! Definitely putting this in my library :))
JineeNguyen JineeNguyen May 09, 2012
@ysabek I understand what you mean! I wrote this piece as the idea sparked on my mind so I didn't put too much thoughts into it, and I was going to test the chemistry between the characters. i'm planning on rewriting this one as well as a prequel to it! Thank you for reading and for your comment!