The Stalker (Missing Valley Series)

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Oindrila By IamaRyHard Updated 3 years ago
Cinderella Bells is like any other pure blood vampire citizen of Mapleton Valley. She is a scholar student in Annaconie Cove, the most prestigious university of the country along with her friends Azrael and Sam. But like she always says, normal doesn't really agree with her, she starts noticing 'the black hoodie guy' lurking in the background of every place she goes. Is she hallucinating or have she really went and got herself a stalker? And why is that she can't recognise his smell? And why, to her horror, his smell remotely resembles the scent of rusted iron much like how a human should smell according to her delusional grandpa?
    Is afterall her grandpa is not crazy and humans are just not some mythical creatures from fictional books?
    Follow the trio through their journey of discovering the deepest and darkest secrets of their world and fending of humans to keep their world safe and peace.
    Afterall normal is over rated.
                                    You shall die.
                                    I am coming to get you.
                                    Sleep with one eye open. -.-
I see i've still got a stupid last name in this novel........well good luck making me read any more........hmmpf !
@IamaRyHard Oh. So basically what I'm doing now with my big brother but with English ;) 
                                    @Joevahkiin Bish please. I got taught by Professor Snape the half blood prince.
Haha your brother will never match the likes of me. For I am a potion master, mofo
@IamaRyHard I'm 16 in real life -.-
                                    Well you can at least tell me if I'm better than my brother at magic.
@IamaRyHard Oh. I thought he would be like a love interest y'know. I thought he was my husband. :(
                                    Do I HAVE a love interest? Or am I just going to die alone in my house made of books and my pet dragon?
                                    -.- Totally off putting now I discover he's my brother. *sighs* Yeah... incest is wrong.