Something New

Something New

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ashley rose By ashkeyroad Updated Aug 16, 2017

"I don't like you hanging out with him!"

"Well, I didn't ask for your opinion did I?" 

"Naomi, just listen to me..."

"Listen to you? Aren't you forgetting that we aren't exactly friends anymore?"


Naomi, has always kept to herself, in high school. She's never really found interest in going to football games or the lame dances they throw. The actual idea of going to a party has never sounded appealing to her, unless she's being dragged there. 

Which is funny, considering her friend is always invited or is the host to one. 

Did I forget to mention that she's actually friends with one of the most popular guys that roam their halls? 

Well she is, until a new guy comes around, and things don't seem very friendly between these two.

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iamaboredgirl iamaboredgirl Aug 19, 2016
Same! What makes them popular? Did they star in a movie or show that I didn't hear about?
TaraFalzon TaraFalzon Nov 28, 2016
loved the new Prologue. Good work :) already loving the story