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Huntress of the Rogues

Huntress of the Rogues

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Falcon By Falconess Updated 3 days ago

My name is Keladry Massimer, a silent Guardian Huntress by night, and an innocent, and rather nerdy, student of Weston High by day. I am one of the rare Gifted. The Gifted, or Guardians, are humans who are chosen by the Goddess every so many years to have special powers and assigned to protect one of the supernatural beings in this world. I was chosen to be one of the teenage Guardians for the werewolves. The best part? Few werewolves even know I exist. Actually, only two high ranking elders who live in the pack in North Carolina even know that Guardians exist, and only three high ranking government officials of the US know about the society of Guardians. Those are the only people who know about Guardians or even the supernatural beings in the world. What about my parents,  you ask? They died when I was ten, killed by rogues. 
      At the age of fourteen I became a Guardian and was assigned the werewolves by the Goddess to revenge the deaths of my parents. So here I am in Weston, Colorado where the largest and strongest pack resides - the Bleeding Moon pack - guarding them. Who knew it would be full of danger and romance? Being given attention from the Alpha of all people? Even if he is so darn attractive. Something is happening in Weston and this is my story.


RoseArmy96 RoseArmy96 Mar 09, 2016
tall and powerful heroine!?! I am loving where this is going!
tanudtanud tanudtanud Oct 24, 2016
started nice, i think  i will continue to read this..........
Animefreak2017 Animefreak2017 Feb 27, 2016
I am 6"2 and I don't like it that much ether.finally thank you for having a tall heroine! I love it!
ImOnlyTheQueen ImOnlyTheQueen Oct 01, 2016
I'm exactly five feet, but I still got time. It sucks being this short! 
                              But it makes it so much easier to scare people…
                              Perks of being short…
pukahlanah pukahlanah Nov 30, 2016
6'2 thats freaking tall!! A average womans hight is 5'9? I think? Lol
Tralola21 Tralola21 Mar 01, 2016
I'm 6'3 and I have to agree it's not that nice but at concerts it really helps so in a way I like it