A second chance ( killer sans x reader )

A second chance ( killer sans x reader )

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A crazy Australian By Lazy_Vraptor Updated May 03

(( cover art and all other art is done by me ))

His world was gone
But hers hadn't even begun 

Killer had killed everyone he knew and hundreds of strangers up above his home after he got through the barrier, he killed a girl but got attacked by her boyfriend but was saved by a nightmare

On one of his hunts he saw her again and again and again, she was stuck in his twisted mind until he got a second chance to right the wrong and maybe just maybe feel again

(( just a heads up I don't know killers origin very well so I'm kinda making it up as I go but also trying to make it fit with what I do know so if things are wrong just pretend it's a different version of killer ok))

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