Fairy Bride (Fairy Tail Harem x Reader)

Fairy Bride (Fairy Tail Harem x Reader)

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Lol me By IAmBestMe Updated Apr 02, 2018

An x reader where it's not only the boys after you! This will include female x female and female x male, this is a warning. Your character will be a Mary Sue, only because it is easier to write and this is only a thing I'll be doing when I'm bored.


Both light and dark. Keeper of balance. Slayer of beasts. Bride of Fairy Tail. 

Known for having many nicknames and incredible feats, this gorgeous lady struggles between both her social life and strength. Although oblivious to this fact, she has many people, both men and women, chasing her tail in hopes of gaining their love. Her protective exceed and magic might be the only thing preventing her from straining their hearts any longer, however.

Bride of Fairy Tail. Slayer of beasts. Keeper of balance. Both light and dark.

(Y/N). The core of all people.