Pretty Little Liars: 16 & Pregnant

Pretty Little Liars: 16 & Pregnant

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Aria Montgomery is just your average high school girl.

With a relentless stalker, a boyfriend who also happens to be her teacher, and a dead best friend who's not actually dead, she practically has the cookie-cutter teenage life. And to make things even better, sixteen-year-old Aria finds out that she's pregnant. Her life is so perfect that it should be made into one of those cliche 80's movies. You know the ones where the cheerleader dates the jock and everyone at school constantly breaks out in song?

Okay, maybe Aria's life is a little different than that. The polar-opposite, more like it. But everything gets pushed to the back burner as her and Ezra try and cope with the fact that they're going to be parents. Bringing a baby into their crazy life wasn't exactly on the 'To-Do-List' for Ezra and Aria. They've both kept a lot of secrets, although none as important as the one they now share together. But no matter how hard they try, their new 'secret' will soon become the exact opposite.

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Is it sad I thought it would be funny if she thought she was thinking all this but she was really saying it?
This is saying that she was barley looking up from his book😍😍😍😎
Why would they just come out and say something that happened with her and why do she feel like that 🙂
So why would they want say something and then she will say that she is pregnant but nobody nows who is the baby daddy that she is pregnant but the saying that he's just as responsible as i am for my pregnancy 🤔🤔🤔🙁🙁but now it is hurring to them 😎😎😎😍😍
This is saying that they was going tk find out EGA what they said 🙂🙂🙂
Maddie0226 Maddie0226 Sep 11, 2016
This is so good I bet u could publish this book so everyone could read it that's how good it is