Cos your friends they look good, And you look better (One Direction fanfic)

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llamadrama7 By llamadrama7 Updated 3 years ago
Isobel Styles is lucky enough to have a great cousin. She has had a rough childhood and the worst bit  has started up again. When Izzy can't stand it anymore she calls her beloved cousin and moves in with him...
I like it but the first line wasn't very interesting to me :\ I'd like some action to start it up and then go into her life story? good job anyways xx
you dedicated and asked me to read the story and i completely forgot! i'm reading it now and i will definitely comment and vote for you.
                                    loving the story so far, by the way :) xx
ahh what Harry 'said' in this, Zayn would use her and break her heart. Nialler and Isobel would look cute together. great story so far ;) upload soon please! love it xx