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:) By Lisa-Stone Updated Jun 30, 2019


I saved you when you were in danger and you stabbed me in the back. 
Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, it's the laws of the universe and that of Karma. 
Now here we are again, brought together by cruel circumstances once more.
I need your help but you're my enemy and I don't trust you.
You think you own me.
But guess what?
I won't help you. Not now, not ever.
I know who you are, Arke Nikovich, and I'm not afraid of you.


You think you know me?
You think you can win by watching me lose. 
I'll never lose when it's you.
If you really did know me you wouldn't come after me.
But I know you need my help, desperately. And I'll need something in return, my sweet.
I'm dangerous.
I'm your worst nightmare but you don't know it just yet.
You shouldn't come to me but I know you will, and I'll be waiting.
Time's ticking, little Wing, and you better pick a side because I'm coming back for my crown and my city.

Caught in a war between two rival mafia families, twenty year old gang-member Wing has to live by her wits to survive and to protect her mother. But when she's sent on a suicide mission to bring Arke Nikovich -the head of a powerful family- back within two weeks, Wing forms an unlikely friendship with the enemy, one that could destroy her and all she holds dear.

(This story has some dark themes and I don't recommend it for everyone, 16+ should be fine)

The amazing cover is by the even more amazing @aimee21x