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Julia By ginny776 Updated Apr 02

"How much do I pay to get a lap dance like that?" He asked standing behind the stunning girl wearing only a lace thong and bra with matching heels that put her to his tall 6'2. The beautiful girl didn't say anything to him just motioned for him to fallow her. He intensely watched her back side as she walked. She walked into the back room and turned around, that's when the worst thing happened, she turned and faced him.    She's the girl who sits in the back of the class room glasses on the bridge of her nose book shoved in her face. She's the girl guys joke about having to look at. She's the girl other girls laugh at and ask her if she gets her clothes at good will. She's the girl who wears baggy large clothes even though she has a better body then most girls. She is Isabella.    He's the star football player. Quarter back to be specific. He's the guy who walks the halls with pride. He's the son of the richest man in town. He gets all the girls. He can do anything without even trying. He's the guy everyone envies.  He's the guy every girl wants. He has the rest of his life ahead of him. He is perfect. He is Ethan.    When Ethan and his friends go to a strip club on the other side of town to celebrate Ethan's 19th birthday he doesn't expect to see an extremely attractive girl giving another man a lap dance. Nor did he expect to know her. Or a mate.   Isabella did not think she would ever see one of those guys at her club. Well technically it wasn't her's she just worked there. As a stripper she's been there since she was sixteen. She needed the money they needed a girl and she knew damn well she wasn't working for those spoiled ass rich kids parents.

itz_lolgirl itz_lolgirl Apr 02 perfect for Isabella?...hmmm...probably like um.....A LIKE FRANCISCO LACHOWSKI
MadisonB143 MadisonB143 May 25, 2014
Dean Geyer as Ethan look him up pretty hot if I do say so myself
saarokiin saarokiin May 05, 2014
I actually love this story I think he's cute the way u described  him N oh can u  pls update more often!!