The Time for Tears Trilogy: Sweat (2)

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Simone By Sierra256715 Updated 2 years ago
Taro and Monique are not out of the woods yet. After their capture, the two become prisoners, and when Vincent decides to pull them deeper into his dealings, they are sent further into eastern Europe. To cover up the exchanges between Vincent and the Germans, Taro and Monique's job is to recovers POWs from a nearby camp, and send them to safety with the still unknowing members of the Team. The task is tricky, but necessary for Vincent and his companions to continue with their works in the Black Market, and soon, everything begins to run like clockwork. However, when Monique succeeds in convincing Taro to steal some German weapons, they meet the unlikeliest of friends who could just be a foe.
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Hey if you want more info on the French resistance you could try researching about a person called nancy wake. She was a prominent figure in the French resistance and she helped end the occupation of France. :)
@Sierra256715 Ahh, okay then. If you like it, that is all the matters! You do it your way! :)
Ok, I really like this is far! I love the song as well, but anyways, This is great. It is really descriptive and helps the reader really envision what is going on during the story :) I have never read a historical fiction story before so it is very interesting to me (in a good way) lol :) -voted