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黑遥 雪本 By kuroiyuukii Updated Aug 04

After the Winter Cup, Kuroko found out that his so called teammates are just using him as a tool to win against Rakuzan. His heart shattered into pieces. When he is running away from the school, he ran into the Generation of miracles, or Kiseki no Sedai. When they heard about what Seirin have done to him, they are absolutely frustrated and angry. They decided to help Tetsuya as much as they can. 

Well, what will happen to our dearest Tetsu-Chan and his friends? Read and find out!

==⚠️yaoi alert!⚠️==
Contains yaoi pairings:
- Akakuro(OMG I'm a huge fan of it)
-Mido x takao
- Aomine x Kise
If you don't like it, don't read. ?✨

***DISCLAIMER: I do not own this anime knb, the characters, nor those photos, only this fanfic is by me??***

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