I'm Back

I'm Back

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Speak_Louder_ By Speak_Louder_ Updated Aug 10

Alexa Richards. She isn't bullied. She isn't fat. She is a tiny, sweet, naive, little pushover that hasn't hit puberty yet. Alexa is a sophomore in high school. She has a boyfriend and a best friend who mean the world to her but then some shit goes down and she decides to leave. Not runaway or anything but go to boarding school.  

Alexa leaves for two years to spend time at a boarding school in Morocco. When word gets out that Alexa is returning from Morocco, Everyone expects Alexa to come back and be the shy sweet little girl she was before, Nobody expected the new tall dirty blonde Bombshell with a stormy ice blue eyes to be Alexa. 

Will Alexa make them regret screwing her over? And what happens when a certain boy or two get involved? Throw in an overprotective older brother, a jealous ex-boyfriend, slutty ex-bestfriend, a love triangle,  two wild best friends, and you have yourself one hell of a senior year.

maymayrules maymayrules Jun 21
I would've shredded that beanie then gave it to him the next day lol
heyimfreya heyimfreya Jun 01
If that was me I'd probably plot her murder, and lock her in my cellar jk, I'm not a psychopath
Melanie553 Melanie553 Jul 15
Wow if dat happened to me my sibling will be glad dey hate meh
-xxx-Japie-xxx- -xxx-Japie-xxx- Nov 15, 2016
What is it with the brother always being good at sports but not the sister?
Vanny0225 Vanny0225 Sep 22, 2016
I'm actually gonna think of Vance as Gabriel Laceup. I LOVE him!
Egreeley Egreeley Nov 18, 2016
Melissa is a whore. And I haven't even got past the second paragraph yet.