Bucket Of Tales

Bucket Of Tales

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Geek To Author By GeekToAuthor Updated Nov 24, 2015

A collection of short stories with a chilling focus. 

These stories are as I write them and edit them down, not 100% cared for or edited to my perfection, they may have story holes and grammatical errors that I miss. That's the point and why I as for constructive comments. 

Just write and get it out there, the long term will get better the more writing I do. Once I publish I move on or I will do what I have been doing and spend years re-writing, over analyzing one story or novel project and never progress. 

I am a huge fan of old school Hitchcock, Twilight Zone, and Richard Matheson stories from the 50s. I feel the best stories are the journey toward a reader's assumption then twist it in an entirely plausible but unexpected ending. 

Most of my stories I think up the ending first then build down to it.

Enjoy and feedback always welcome.

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DrappleShipper394 DrappleShipper394 Mar 16, 2014
That was great. I'm gonna tell that to my friends when we go camping next to scare them:)
GeekToAuthor GeekToAuthor Mar 07, 2014
It was inferred that she was, that's why they were still looking. Maybe I should add a bit more in that paragraph. Thanks for the feedback and taking time to read it! Appreciate it.
xBlueGlitterx xBlueGlitterx Mar 04, 2014
I'm confused. Did the mother get taken away by the beast?
                              Other than that; amazing!!