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Sarah Adel 👑 By This_is_Sarah_Adel Updated Sep 08

" Aubrianna, let's go there. Please! It will be so much fun, " said my best friend, Grace Harrison. 

" I know it is fun, but it is not safe, " I said. 

" We will come home early, please. Don't be boring! It will be so much fun. Today is Tristan's race, we should at least support him. " she said. 

Tristan was her boyfriend, and my friend too. He had been Grace's life so far. She loved him dearly. 

" Fine! But after his race we will go, " I finally gave in.

" Yaaay. I am so excited, " she said, as she started jumping around.

Agreeing was my biggest mistake. The mistake that had turned my life, and revealed some secrets. That mistake had caused me a lot, yet gave me tons of love. 

That mistake leaded to meeting the one who had claimed me as his, and the one who I would love until the end of my forever. However, that mistake opened the doors to a lot of secrets around me, that I never noticed or knew... 

That's my story, I, Aubrianna Mason, and the unknown fighter who had claimed me as his....

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