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Study Sessions (A Hikaru x Kaoru FanFic)

Study Sessions (A Hikaru x Kaoru FanFic)

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Jenni Lynn By Pretty_Ood Updated Mar 11, 2014

Kaoru Hitachiin, a member of the exclusive Ouran High School Host Club with his twin brother, Hikaru Hitachiin, failed his latest algebra test. In order to improve his score, he talks to his twin about it. But, Algebra isn't the only thing Kaoru needs to get...   *Hikaru and Kaoru yaoi, boy x boy, smut, one-shot, lemon, lime, peach, whatever fruit you wish to call it, it's here!*  **DISCLAIMER: I do not own Ouran High School Host Club. If I did, THERE WOULD BE A SEASON TWO!**

Fanfic writer: BUT not to worry, m'dears! I'm gonna ship you two together and make you have buttsecs and you'll never be separated!
KaitoKooks KaitoKooks Mar 20
I can tell who is who because one of their voices is slightly pitched up a bit. Idk how to explain it but eh. I can also tell by the way they act XDD
gayayships gayayships Jun 15
I'm in the "I'm and A+ student but slacks off for some reason, refuses to go to school, skips actual clubs, too lazy to do 2+2, but up to 78 divided by .8569, and can't run" club
                              Y am I like this?
Just do it now........KISS KISS FALL IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!            
                              OK I'm done
I feel like the roles should be switched here as there are many hints in the show that Kaoru may actually be in love with Hikaru but it doesn't seem like Hikaru notices or reciprocates his affection.
kexyhood kexyhood May 06
i can just imagine them laughing really hard sometime and Kaoru is just like 
                              " I CANT BREATHE " and you just hear Hikaru screaming 
                              " BREATHE BROTHER "