Johnny and the Vampires of Versailles

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Cody Young By CodyYoung Updated 3 years ago
"I'm almost eighteen, so I get to do what I want, right? 
    What I want is to be with Johnny - dangerous blood-drinking, time-travelling Johnny. I want to share every day of my life with him, I want to go with him into the past and fight by his side. I want to fight and I want to win." 
    Just about everyone thinks Johnny is a bad for Madison - including Johnny. In this wild time-travel adventure, Madison Lambourne travels back in time to 1789, the year of the French Revolution, hoping to save lives and protect the River of Time. But what she doesn't know is that she and Johnny have been framed. The mission is doomed and they were never meant to be there. Can Maddie fight her way out of this one?
Are you going to post the rest? I read you first book and it was absolutely amazing.