Cry Me A River   ||Jasper Hale||

Cry Me A River ||Jasper Hale||

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"It's metaphase. You want to check?"
"Nah, it's cool."
"Are you sure?"
"It's the only one left dude. Process of elimination."

"You ever wanna talk about your feelings?"
"I do!"
"I know, Edward."
"I'm sad."
"I know, Edward."
"Is me saying 'bite me' a kink to you?"
"I'm not in denial. You're in denial."
"You suck the life out of everything."
"I am the perfect epitome of teenage angst Bella."
"I lost motivation to do anything last semester. Why the absolute fuck would I want to leave my house when I could wallow in self pity?"
"What a hottie."
"Jasper Hale."
"That's. . .That is me?" He seemed confused, and it was adorable.
"I'm telepathic."
"More like telepathetic." Avini had meant for this to be quiet, but then she remembered she was in a room full of vampires that had super hearing, and some of them had very sensitive feelings.
Rosalie and Emmett laughed, Jasper snorted in shock, and Edward looked hurt. How unfortunate. 

I own my part of plot and OC's, Stephanie Meyer owns the rest.

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